Sunday, March 19, 2017

Counting Down

255 days until Thanksgiving. Time to get started right?

These are turkey eggs from the Hurd farm  in my  new incubator, doing their thing.  As you can see, it has some nice features which I appreciate, including a turner.  In this photo, the gauge on the left is telling me to add some water to get the humidity up. 

The turkey eggs will be followed up with some eggs from my own flock if our new rooster gets on with the job.  You may recall that my last rooster, Rubio, did not last very long. Before he came to us though, Rubio made a stop at another farm and fertilized some eggs - Julio here is one of the results of that.  So he is a young guy - big and awkward looking - and I have yet to hear him crow although he has been here a week.

Another countdown, and that is about 10 days to kids.  Many of our farmer friends have spring babies - calves, lambs, kids, etc. but we just have to be patient.  If I don't blog again for 2 weeks, I'm thinking there will be kid news.

Another spring activity is getting plants started.  I don't get going as early as some gardeners - I do not see a lot of value to having big and lanky tomato plants.  I do have some lettuce going which will be transplanted into the greenhouse pretty soon.  Today it was nice and warm so I moved the flat out there, although it will come back in the house when the sun goes down.  I also have started the peppers, some herbs. and some flowers.  Patience, patience...

So, we wait.  Until then, be well friends.