Sunday, June 16, 2019

Frost and Father's Day

Happy Father's Day all!

I will start this post with an updated view from the milking stand.  No combine in the way - it's been moved to the hayshed.  It was pretty cloudy this morning but we ended up with some nice sun.

What a difference a week makes - in the buckwheat field anyway!   This was last Sunday:

And this is today!
And did you know that buckwheat sprouts are a tasty salad green?


 These sprouts will join the lettuce from greenhouse in my bowl for a few days until they are too big.
Just pretend you don't see the weeds in there.  Actually, some of those are edible too!

I hope that 2019 will be known as a weird weather year;  hopefully this is not our new normal! Thursday morning the thermometer read 33 degrees and we had FROST!
It was mainly on the rooftops and vehicles at our place.  We were fortunate - nothing killed in the garden or out in the pumpkin patch.  Some of our farmer friends did sustain damage, some quite extensive.

So, it's about time for a garden update.  I have indicated before in this blog that the garden is getting a make-over.  I just do not have time to maintain it and by the end of last season it more resembled an unmowed lawn than a garden.  I cannot give it up entirely, and I did not want to lose the footprint of good soil that I have built up.  So, we covered it up.  It's not done yet, but here is a photo from the south side.

The south fence was in need of some repairs, so it has been removed.  Kevin got in there with the big tiller behind the tractor and made short work of that grass.  Then we rolled out 3,600 square feet of landscapers fabric and brought in garden circles, straw bales, and containers.  Most everything is planted and the next step will be getting some mulch down to cover up the ugly black plastic.  There is a temporary fence up on the south side to keep the chickens out, and eventually the wooden fence will be put back up.  I have never gardened with straw bales before, so will update you later on this summer on how that goes.

Speaking of the chickens - the hens were confined to the summer coop-yard but the wind let them out one day and they now have the run of the place again.

I got a good photo of Cornish today.  Her legs reveal her age and I would say she is the oldest hen I have and in my opinion, the most beautiful.  Some of my old gals will be have to be culled this fall to make room for the pullets, but not Cornish, Rocky, or Barak.

The roses are just starting to bloom - and no beetles yet.  I wish you could smell them!
The wheat is getting pretty tall.  This is the winter wheat that was planted last fall with the no-till planter. 

We seem to have lost one poult; Peanut still has eleven to keep track of though.  She had them up in the winter coop-yard this morning - they are growing fast! 

I guess this is called a photo-bomb??? Getting pictures of the young goats is getting more and more difficult!

Until next time, be well friends!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

June 9, 2019

Just a quick farm update this evening.

The buckwheat that Kevin and Rollie planted just last weekend liked the heat this week.  I enjoy the corduroy look of the field.

The little turkey flock is doing well but we aren't crazy about how far from the house Peanut takes them.   

Several times we have gone all way out to the woods to herd them back; closer to the farmyard please!


No comment for this one - just a kind of funny photo -

And from the goat pen.  Goats enjoy tree leaves and twigs as much as deer do.  Winky is the most agile at getting to the higher branches.

 "Up on your toes now!"   Mom Echo and little sister Tulip seem to be impressed!

Until next time, be well friends!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Welcome June!

Hello all,

We have had a pretty busy week and weekend here at Ole Lake Farm.  It was the second farmers market weekend of the summer season and much of the week (outside of our day job hours) were spent organizing and getting ready.  This will soon become a routine and not be so rushed. 

The view from the milking stand is solidly green these days - yes, including that big John Deere that is still in my way!

I have made some progress on the garden make-over but am not done yet and haven't planted anything out there.  Kevin and Rollie continued with their planting this week - buckwheat, sunflowers, and the cornmeal corn are now in the ground. 

I guess a highlight of the week has been the little turkey family.  Most of the photos I have taken so far have been of their fluffy little backsides as Peanut moves them away from us.  She is a good mama and very protective of them.  She has taken them pretty far afield on a couple of occasions but has been bedding down in the hayshed with them at night - sometimes on her own, and sometimes with a little herding persuasion from us.  We are very pleased that all twelve are still with us. 

That is all I have for you this evening.  I will be back next week though, and until then, be well friends!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day 2019

Hello all.  Today is a day to take a little time to remember that many, many people have died serving our country and protecting the rest of us. Just thinking about that is a somber thing.   We must never forget them.

So, a little update on the farm activities.  Kevin and Rollie got the wheat planted but did have to change the planting plan due to some overly wet areas.  I have made some progress with the garden make-over, but am not done yet.  We have the first regular farmer's markets of the season behind us.  The weather could have been better but they went ok. 

I put some basil in a tub by the garage - handy to the kitchen; I have to protect it from the poultry though - they seem to think any pot of dirt is some kind of buffet.
Gus the goat has a bit of a skin condition going on - a new paint job is called for!

 These pots of impatiens hopefully will be safe with the rocks that I added to cover the soil.

Added a fun piece of art to the garden shed door.  Eventually this will rust and look even better.

The first set of chicks are pretty much teenagers now.  They roam around the place and get in trouble by digging in the mulch around the garlic. 
The youngest bunch are still delightfully cute. 
Sadly, Mamma Hen 5 did not hatch any of her eggs - bunch of duds I guess.  But - very exciting news from the hay shed - peeping is heard from under Peanut!  I kept checking but so far she hasn't given me much of a look.  I did snap this one photo of them - I think I see twelve little cuties in there!

The kids are a blast.  We had some visitors this weekend who wanted to try out goat yoga  The doelings were happy to oblige!

There are a couple of old doghouses in the goat pasture.  This year's kids especially love the peaked one for climbing.  Poppy was the first one I noticed up there.

 A few days later, Tulip was using it for a launching pad!


Thanks for stopping by the blog - until next time, be well friends!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Soggy Weekend

Hello all!

It was an interesting week - I took vacation time from my town job to work on the garden, and with Kevin's help did get some clearing out done.  As usual, not as much was accomplished as was hoped for.

Kevin and Rollie got the oats planted and were very happy to check that off of their "to do" list.

We did have a couple of sunny days this week.  Mamma Hen 1 and her big chicks joined me in the garden while I worked.

Mamma Hen 4 and her chicks enjoyed the sun as well.

I had visitors - this is my beautiful Aunt Virgie who came with Uncle Roy and California cousin Russ.

Virgie brought me some old photos - in this one she is the girl on the right; that is my dad in the middle, and Aunt Arlene on the left.  This would have been around 1938 or 1939 I think.

The beautiful spring weather abruptly ended - cold, rain, wind - it's been a downright unpleasant couple of days- no further garden work happened.  Today we even had some snow!
(there really is snow going on in this photo!)
 Garden Project Interrupted!  

The plants in the greenhouse are way behind where they should be.  The lettuces are still tiny!

There was a bright spot today though, despite the weather - we had our first asparagus to eat this evening and it was delicious!

Those were the highlights of this past week. Coming up we have our first Farmer's Markets of the summer season, so you will hear about that next time.  Until then, be well friends!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day!

What a beautiful day we had for our traditional Mother's Day picnic!  We hope that you all had as nice a day as we did here in our part of Minnesota.

Earlier in the week it was a different story.  The snow began Wednesday afternoon and made for a slushy drive home from work.  Here is the view from the milking stand at evening chores.
 And the next morning - about three inches of very wet snow.

But, easy come, easy go... it sure didn't last long!  The fields are very wet though, so planting is delayed again - Kevin is getting impatient!

The kids enjoy the spring weather as much as we do!

News from the coop - more new chicks.  This is Mamma Hen Four - she hatched out six little cuties then celebrated with a dust bath!

 Mama Hen Five is still waiting patiently for her eggs to hatch.

Mama Hen One's chicks are at that awkward looking stage - half feathers, half fluff. 

Mama Hen Two is the most protective.  Most of my pictures of her brood are running away from me!

And Mama Three's chicks are doing just fine as well. 

Thank you for stopping by the blog - we wish you all a great week!  Be well friends.