Sunday, September 16, 2018

Soggy September - bits of randomness

The title of this week's post is a weather reference, but not because it's been raining all week.  Those of you who live in this neck of the woods know what I mean - it's been warm, muggy, humid-downright uncomfortably hot at times. 

I would like to share a photo of Aitkin's Patriot Day display - it was very sobering and emotionally moving.
 We had a storm Friday night - hail about marble size.  Not too much damage to the tomatoes, peppers, or pumpkins, but these flowers that were looking so nice were pretty shredded. 

This squash is Speckled Hound.  I think it is so pretty I just wanted to show it off before we eat it - I can only find a couple of them out there in the jungle.

This week we separated most of the  young cockerels from the rest of the young chickens and turkeys - they are a bunch of thugs and are currently in poultry jail until I can get a fence up to partition off the coop-yard.  They will be in the freezer in about a month.  The rest of the  youngsters have been liberated from the pen and are cautiously exploring their expanded world. These are the turkey poults that came out of the incubator just a few months ago - they've grown a bit!

In other turkey news, Dolly has decided to set - she is on 15 eggs and the mystery is where did they come from?  They just appeared yesterday.   They are on a slope downhill from the edge of the woodshed where it is weedy.  We think they could have washed down from that area on Friday night when it was storming.  Anyway, Dolly and the eggs are just out in the open so we put some straw bales around them just to give her a little protection and to keep them from rolling downhill any further.  Not sure if they will hatch or not but we will give her a chance.

Today we had the pleasure of attending a family gathering - we have not done much visiting this summer and it was very nice to take the time to reconnect.  One of our hostesses, Talitha (probably not spelled right) introduced  me to their donkey - his name is Ole!

Come on fall weather!  See you next time, and be well friends!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

September Scenes

One of the hardest parts of blogging is coming up with titles for the posts!

Overall, it was a beautiful week - We did have our first frost on Thursday morning though - it was a light one, not much damage, just a pumpkin vine or two.

Periwinkle is getting to be a big girl.  She needed a hoof trim and is just too big to hold now so she had her first turn on the milking stand - Spot was hoping for a snack I guess!

The view from the milking stand hasn't changed too much but the trees are a little lighter and although it's hard to see, there is a sheen of bright green over the brown field - the wheat is up.

Here is a closer look - this is a sight that makes Kevin very happy!

Last week I had a photo of a pumpkin on a vine growing in the hayshed.  It is really amazing to see how much it has grown - really, in just seven days!  The spaces on that fence panel are 6x8 inches.

Another odd looking pumpkin - this one is growing out of the compost bin.  Not sure it will be edible, but it's interesting.

The pigs are getting all kinds of treats theses day.  Here they are enjoying some acorns brought out  by a co-worker who has an abundance of them in her yard.  Yum!

So that's your update from the farm.  I'll be back next week - until then, enjoy the fine weather and be well friends!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Signs of Autumn

If you heard that our area got hit pretty hard by a storm Friday night, you might be expecting a damage report.  The high winds and huge hail went north and all we experienced was an impressive light show. Thank goodness for that but we do feel for those who did not get missed.

 At morning milking time there isn't much to see from the milking stand - it's too dark!  This picture was taken around midday; it's still pretty green out there, but the foliage of the forest has dulled down to a more muted hue.   The plowed field is where rye was recently harvested and is now planted to wheat.
Other signs of the season... First home game for our Aitkin Gobblers:
And our own gobbler strutting his stuff!
The Sunflowers are bowing their heads to the end of summer
These pumpkins are all volunteers from the big composting manure pile - there are more in there too!
This vine has climbed into the hayshed.  It will be fun see just how big it will get before frost kills the vine.

Be thankful the internet hasn't figured out how to send aromas in digital format!  Ranger has been splashing on that special cologne of his.
Don't worry about that chain he is wearing; he just gets a little "gangsta" for a short time when he is staked out while Kevin is moving the lad's paddock.

 So that is all for this week.  Happy Labor Day to you all; be safe out there and be well. 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Last Post of August

I am pleased to announce that even though it is Sunday, no P.I.Gs escaped today! 

Our Sustainable Farming Association held a community event yesterday - made for a very long day for both of us. After the many months of planning we are glad to have it behind us. 

Today's post features the chickens. Today I let the hens out to roam the place.  They were quick to leave the coop and extended pen I had made for them -  I imagine their clucks to mean "freedom! freedom!"
 I caught a good picture of one of my favorites - she's the last of three Dark Cornish that I had and the most senior of my hens.

Over at the winter coop, I set up a temporary fence to get the youngsters out into some vegetation as their yard is picked clean.  The oldest of this year's cockerels are big enough to butcher now and the pullets are looking good.

Some of the cockerels are very handsome fellows!

That's all I have to share for this evening. Thanks for stopping by the Ole Lake Farm blog, and be well friends.

Monday, August 20, 2018

GroundHOG's Sunday

This post is about Sunday the adventures of the pigs, but the story will begin with a hen.

The hens and Julio will soon be free to roam about wherever they please, but right now are confined to the Summer Coop-yard and this grassy area that I have added.  Someone in this photo stands out a bit from the usual color palette of my Ole Lake Reds – do you see her?

Meet Barack the Barred Rock!  . 

I had an appeal from another "chicken lady" – a senior citizen who loves her hens but was finding the obligations of chicken keeping to be a bit much.  She has two hens that will be joining my flock, but one is staying with her for now due to an injury inflicted by a neighbor dog.  Anyway, Barack was delivered on Sunday morning and as I stood in the driveway visiting with her owner, a pig trotted by. 

Here we go again... 

I did not mention pigs in my last post, but two weeks ago the post was mostly about rounding up rogue pigs on that Sunday morning.  Last week I could have pretty much repeated the post but chose not to – it seemed too repetitive!   When we went to bed this Saturday night, I may have mentioned to Kevin that I was hoping that this Sunday morning wouldn’t be a repeat of the last two.  Guess I shouldn’t have said that!

Anyway, the pigs were rounded up again safely and returned to their piggy paddock but not without some fun on their part and sweat on ours.  

I suspect that big spotted one in the middle is the instigator but who knows!

I will close with a couple of sunflowers pictures.  They are so fun to have blooming so profusely! 

And this one I have featured on our farm facebook page so many of you have seen it, but for those who have not, I present “The Mutant”!

Until next time, be well friends!