Sunday, February 11, 2018

February Farm Update

Greetings!   I do not have much for farm news this post but have some pictures to share. 

First a couple of pictures from the coop yard.  Last weekend the hens were enjoying some yogurt, then the turkeys came to the party too:

The does will be due to kid in early April - that's a ways away yet but check out the baby bumps!

 Vinca seems to be showing off her wide belly but Echo was not thrilled with the photo shoot!
 Both of the does were in a hurry to get back to their warmer and snow free living quarters in the pole barn.  Echo did not have kids last year but things are looking favorable I think.
Wood cutting and soap making continue. The dead of winter is a also great time for dreaming and planning and for us that includes a winter get-away to a warm place - our first vacation like that.  Thank you in advance to our family for caring for the critters and home place while we are gone.

Be well friends.