Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mid-Winter Ice

Here it is the last day of January and very little snow to be had around here.  Ice we have plenty of!

 We all shuffle and slide to get about and do the chores.

I give Vinca a tummy rub... "How many babies are in there?"

We had a little goat exchange today.  Ranger moved out of the pole barn where he has been co-habitating with Vinca and Daisy, and went to the bachelor quarters at the Winter Coop where he will be hanging out with his little buddy Billy-Dude.  Chicky has moved out of the Winter Coop yard and will be with mom Daisy and Vinca while they finish their pregnancies.

Comfortable in the house, Mickey takes a post-run nap. 
Be well folks, spring will be here before we know it!

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  1. Hey, looks like good hockey country! That's my most exciting news this week, that the Anaheim Ducks of the AHL are going to move a minor league team from Norfolk (VA) to San Diego and call them the Gulls. That might cause some confusion amongst hockey fans, as there is already a San Diego Gulls hockey team that plays in the Western States Hockey League, but I imagine the teams can settle things on the ice, diplomatically, as is always the custom in hockey.