Saturday, March 7, 2015


The last time I put a post here was the day before Kevin's knee replacement surgery.  I am happy to report that almost two weeks later he's doing fine.  It's been painful for him; still is, but he's been following orders, doing his excercises, icing regularly, etc. and will be better than new in a few weeks. 

These past two weeks have been typical Minnesota. Cold mostly, and some snow.  Everyone I know is ready to be done with winter.  Today it seems like spring it is almost here...finally a warm up.  It was very, very nice outdoors and Kevin almost had to be restrained from heading out to the shed and firing up a tractor.  Patience man!
The snow is mostly melted off the shed roof.
The chickens have been indoors a lot lately.  Today they enjoyed the mild temps and were curious about Ranger's supper!

They also enjoy picking through his hay for tasty morsels...

I'm anticipating a package in the mail any day now... my main seed order has been shipped.  I'm thinking it's about time to get some lettuce started to go into the greenhouse next month.

Spring is not the only thing we are waiting for; goat kids are only about three weeks away! 
And the BIG BELLY award goes to....

So, I am rambling a bit here.  I'll add a couple a pictures and call it a night. 

Spot poses on my shoulder for a "selfie".  All of our cats have their own unique personalities and one of the things I love about Spot is that she is a shoulder-rider.  She is always looking for a ride.  In the summer this can be quite uncomfortable for the person giving the ride but when I am wearing my thick barn coat I am always happy to oblige.  I am rewarded by her musical purring.
Be well friends, until next time!


  1. You reminded me to check my seed supply and check off the ones I already have. I better do that today. Had to laugh about Spot. We have one barn cat we cal "velcro cat" and she doesn't hold back on those claws.

  2. Last two years we had babies during Spring Break. Guess its too early this year. Spot looks thrilled to be photographed. Have you ever tried Roye on the shoulder?

  3. While Roye will consent to shoulder riding on occasion, she doesn't actively ask for it every time I am near. She also doesn't seem to enjoy it, whereas Spot is totally comfortable and makes it seem as though the shoulder is her natural and rightful throne.

  4. Those does look like they could give birth any day! Keep that brother of mine off the tractor. I am also looking forward to digging in the dirt but in my own way. I can only plant flower seeds in the big city of Plymouth. Just my way of making the world a happier place!