Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Downhill Side of Summer

To me, summer is June, July, and August.  We are definately on the downhill side, and as with most journeys, going downhill goes faster. 

I have a lot of bits and pieces, random things to fit into the blog tonight.  I willl begin with the view from the milking stand, which was so beautiful to me this morning that I had to go back after taking care of the milk to get a picture.  In just that few minutes the fog that was lingering by the woods was gone.  The oats are golden and almost ready to harvest.

You will see in the foreground part of the pig's extended pen, and beyond that, ForestRanger's paddock and shelter.  Later on today it was moved to a new piece of ground and some fresh forage.  While Kevin moves the paddock gates, ForestRanger go to the summer coop yard and hang out with Javier and the hens.  Today we had a little sprinkle of rain while they were there.  I may have mentioned before on this blog just how much goats dislike getting wet.  Well, Ranger went over the fence and into the pole shed to get out of the little shower. 
Just ask Ranger... goats are water soluble! 
 Speaking of rain... Thanks Mother Nature but ... Enough already!!!!! And, by the way... the whitetail buffet is closed until further notice!

Kevin spent most of the afternoon fencing the pumpkin patch
Guess what I got to do on Saturday night?  I and some other folks had the opportunity to visit Mat and Katie's little piglets again over at Righteous Oaks Farm.  The little guys were ready to castrate and Mat was getting a lesson from Jessi, who is experienced with this.  This girl rocks folks!  Amazing Zumba instructor AND master of piglet castration.  Anyway, Mat invited anyone in our Sustainable Farming group who was interested to come on over and check it out.  I have a picture here of the sow and some of the piglets.  Again, not the greatest photo but I was trying to get the stripey ones... so cute!  Sorry, not posting any pictures of the actual deed.

And here at home, our pigs get pretty excited at chore time.  BoyPig is forever climbing on fence when we come near.  This picture doesn't really show how big they are getting.  He really needs to stop climbing the fence or one day it'll be down and then we'll really have trouble!

As for the garden, well the beans are keeping me busy these days; did some canning today.  The tomatoes are still slow, but picking up, and the bi-color sweet corn is almost ready.  I peaked under the row-cover today and the cabbages are getting little heads and looking good.

I'll close with a photo of the sunflowers... such a happy image, they make me smile!  Be well.

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  1. Beautiful sunflowers! Pigs are one thing I can't get Hubby to agree on raising here. IF we ever move and get more land, he might consider.