Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter 2017!

We do things  a little different around here... some people enjoy an egg hunt on Easter - we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon by having a rock hunt!

Words farm kids have dreaded for generations:  "Come on, get on the wagon - we're going to pick rock".  I was one of those kids.  On the farm I grew up on, just a couple of miles from here, we had a field full of rocks - there was an endless supply.  Where Kevin grew up and we live now there isn't many at all.  Just one small spot in one field.  When you actually have to go out and search for them, instead of being overwhelmed by them, it's not such a bad job.  There were a few big ones that just had to go - and a bunch of smaller specimens.  After a tasty ham dinner and a short digestion time, off we went.
Kevin driving the cub, then Kori, Kurt, Ardis, & Lori
Monday as I drove home from work I was thinking that the first thing I should do when I got home should be to check the humidity in the incubator as the eggs would be hatching in a day or two.  Well, surprise!
The chick room of the coop was not ready so into the bathtub they went.  At first there were only four, but with a little assistance, number 5 hatched the next morning.

Yesterday, the little turkeys moved out to the chick room of the coop.  They've grown a bit already!

The goat kids are doing well - they spent their first night in a crate last night so I could milk this morning.  They did just fine and are having a great time jumping on top of the crate to tap dance.  I got some pictures outside this afternoon (after rock picking).  No sign of impending birth from Echo.

It will be planting time soon.  We have been planting and replanting our own oats for many years, but since we had such a mustard infestation last year, Kevin decided to purchase some really clean new seed.  He, Rollie, and Ardis took a day to drive to Albert Lea to pick up oats, hull-less oats, and spring wheat to plant.

Meanwhile, the Turkey Red winter wheat is greening up.

So that's enough for this week I think.  Next week, I should have some little pigs to show you!  Until then, be well friends.


  1. We spent Easter felling trees. So different from other years. Looks like things are going smoothly for you folks.

    1. somewhat smoothly... too fast, would like to slow down a little!