Sunday, July 6, 2014

Quiet Sunday Morning

Good Morning from Ole Lake!

After some rain in the night, the morning is quite dark still, so perhaps more coming. This morning seems to be telling us that some some quiet time after a busy day yesterday is just fine.

So yesterday morning I paid a visit to the Aitkin Farmers' Market , which I will again encourage all you locals to do.  There was a nice selection of early vegetables and even live music, although they don't do that every week.  I bought some really nice strawberries (mine are about done) and a loaf of very tasty dark rye bread.

Kevin got busy raking the hay that he had cut Thursday evening, and in the afternoon the cooperative efforts of Kevin, Kurt, and Kori (and the not so cooperative efforts of the baler) got it baled up and safely in the shed.  I don't think I have mentioned here that Kori moved to Brainerd recently, but she was here for part of the day and Kevin took advantage of her tractor driving skills.  She has a particular talent for picking up the hay on the corners which can be tricky.  I was busy in the garden and did not get out to record the event with the camera, but you get the idea.

I let the little chicks out for their first time out of doors.  The two moms lost no time showing them how to take a proper dust bath in the area that is dug up in front of the coop door.  These hens are such good parents!  This really seems to be a much better way to raise chicks then taking them out of a box and keeping them under a heat lamp.   The red hen doesn't have an official name, but under consideration are:  Ginger, Fiona, and Lucy.  Any other suggestions?
There's nothing like a good dust bath to ease the stress of motherhood, right?
Little chicks are so funny when they fall asleep standing up!

And that was the day.  Today will see some hay unloading, some baking (strawberry muffins in the oven right now!), gardening when the weather clears, and the usual farm chores.  First though, some relaxing.  I hope you all enjoy the day too.


  1. I vote for Ginger. How many chicks hatched for the 3rd hen, including the ones adopted by the 2nd hen?

  2. The third hen (the red one) hatched 8. Right now I am leaning toward Lucy for a name. Fiona, by the way, is the red-head from Shrek I guess.

  3. I thought it might be!