Saturday, April 25, 2015

Just some spring things

This post is mostly going to be some photos that I took today.  We've had a pretty raw, chilly week but today was an improvement.  Kevin has been doing some soil preparations and will be planting grain soon... tomorrow maybe?   I am on schedule with my seed starting, and will be able to plant some things in the garden soon.  Just need to find the time!

I've been milking Vinca and Daisy in the mornings now.  This means the kids go into a big crate at night and then I milk in the morning.  After milking the kids are released (jailbreak!) and rush to their moms for their breakfast.  Vinca and Daisy have enough milk for all of us and it's great to have the milk again.

The kids are really developing their personalities!

Bluebell, in particular, is quite endearing...
Forest is charming

And Orchid and Lily (guess which one this is) are adorable but a little shy

My photography skills are quite limited, but I was very pleased to get this portrait of my best doefriend Vinca today. 

And, a couple of pictures from the greenhouse:
Tomato and pepper plants will soon be joined by cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

And we'll be eating this lettuce very soon

So, there is a little farm update for you.  Until next time, be well folks.


  1. Your goats are gorgeous! I'm so jealous of your green house. It looks amazing.

    1. Thanks so much. I am a fortunate woman to have a husband and father-in-law with carpentry skills! It is thanks to them that I have this great place to grow my seedlings.