Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Happenings at Ole Lake

Earlier in the week we visited Righteous Oaks Farm to see their crop of cute goat kids.  They mainly have meat-breed goats but remember this little gal?

Last years' kids, with Ivy in front
Ivy moved to Righteous Oaks last year after weaning we haven't actually seen her since then.  Well, she's all grown up now with a kid of her own!  Vinca and Ranger are grandgoats!
Having a snack on her  snazzy milking stand... and her little doeling having a meal at the same time!

Some of the Righteous Oaks kids enjoying the sun next to the old root cellar

You can learn more about Righteous Oaks Farm at their website and visit their blog too, just go to

Here at Ole Lake, our equally adorable kids are doing great and keeping us amused with their playfulness.  It's especially fun to watch them when they are outside doing some stumpjumping.
Forest pauses for a picture, isn't he handsome?

Bluebell leaps from stump to plank

Out in the garden, I have fenced off one of the four big beds and installed the new Hen Hostel there with three of my girls there to work the soil and hopefully eat all the cutworms for me!!!
While in the garden, I discovered this happy little Johnny Jump Up.  Although they can get weedy, these flowers are welcome in my garden wherever they want to grow.
Another sign of spring!

That's enough for today.  Kevin is out on the tractor and I need to get to work on some housechores, seeding some flats with cabbage, broccoli, etc. and many other things.  I am hoping to spend some time on garden clean-up today.  Thanks for stopping in to visit!

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  1. Chickens can be very resourceful. They do help work the soil and eat up the bugs.