Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm late! It's Monday already!

The weekend just flew by, and though I did have time to post a blog last night, we were in the midst of a nasty thunderstorm so kept the computer shut down in case of a power outage.  We didn't get one, but some of the nearby towns did suffer with trees down and other storm damage.  We just got lots and lots of rain and wind.  This was a follow-up to a storm on Sunday morning that gave us a couple of inches of rain and a little hail.  The evening storm did blow down some of my corn but I am hopeful that it's still small enough (just above waist high) to stand itself up again... I didn't take a picture, it's just too sad.

Anyway, most of the garden news is good.  We have some of these...

And some of these...

And that makes for a happy Swedish man because there is nothing Kevin likes better (really, nothing!) than that first meal of new potatoes and creamed peas.  I've heard the same from many folks, mainly old-timers and mainly those of Swedish decent.  Is it that, or is it just a regional dish?  I don't know.

The hens are not laying very well these days.  They had better step it up... their replacements are really growing!

And, just have to show you this little visitor from this morning...

Kevin expanded the pigs beyond the coop-yard, which is now thoroughly turned over so they have some grass to graze (yep, pigs do graze) and new ground to til.  They are very happy about this new arrangement.  When they eat this up and get it all turned over, we will move them again, another step out into what was the horse pasture.

This weekend went by so fast because we hosted a farm tour and pot-luck supper for our local Sustainable Farming Chapter yesterday.  The farm tour actually began a couple of miles away at Righteous Oaks Farm where Ivy (Vinca's doeling from last year) showed off what an escape artist she is!  She looks like a fine dairy goat to me and I am proud of her.  Mat, Katie, and their boys also had 13 adorable newborn baby pigs to show the visitors.... way, way cute!!!  Hopefully they will get a picture on their blog soon, but haven't posted one so far.  Anyway, when the group finished up at their farm, everyone caravaned over here and we had a great time showing them the garden, the fields and the animals, and followed that up with a great meal and just a good time sharing experiences. 
I would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to Ardis and Rollie, Kurt, and Kori for helping us get ready for the event.

So, thanks for stopping by the blog.  I wish you a good week, and please, be well.


  1. If I had a better harvest of our first shell peas, I would have made creamed peas too. They are my favorite. I grew up on them, but Mom used the canned kind from the store. Fresh have to be so much better.

    1. So not a Swedish or even Minnesota thing at all then. Thanks for clearing that up.