Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pig News!

Spotted in the woods.... Spot!
 The title of this post is not a typo... Kevin went to a Sustainable Farming Association committee meeting this afternoon and came home to tell me that he has six piglets reserved.  Six!  That means we will have a bunch of pork available in the fall.  Locals, if you want us to put you down for a half, let us know.

Out in the goat pen...

Vinca is getting really wide!
Echo on the left, Vinca on the right.  Echo is a first timer so she has not expanded nearly as much as Vinca 

Kevin ordered some new fencing which came this week.  It's portable electric mesh.  He set it up in the back yard and we put ForestRanger out there for a couple of hours.   They checked it out, got a few shocks, and most importantly, stayed in!

The hens made a break for it when we filled up their big waterer n the coop this morning, so I just let them roam around.  They really seemed to enjoy getting out in the pasture for some of the greening up grass.
In the house, I have 36 eggs in this borrowed incubator. 
So, that first week of April is going to be pretty interesting around here, with eggs due to hatch, kids due to be delivered, and little pigs arriving. 

I guess that's about all the news from around these parts.  Until next time, be well.


  1. I keep telling myself to buy an incubator, but life gets ahead of me. We did add 6 new buff orpingtons chicks this year though.

  2. We'll see how it goes this first time. I have already missed one turning... it's supposed to be 3 time a day. I may get one of my own that has an automatic turner. I figure hens don't turn their eggs on a schedule though, so, hopefully no harm done!