Sunday, May 15, 2016

May Marching On

So I will begin this week's blog with a few words about Hoover.  He is settling in and we are adapting to having a puppy around.  He's learning some manners, but forgets them sometimes.  He gets in trouble but I forgive him because he doesn't know better - What?  This bowl of soil and plants isn't for digging in?  He loves to play, harasses poor Mickey, and sleeps a lot in between.  The cats loathe him; they have no sense of humor I guess.  He is adapting to being my running buddy but is a little leery of passing cars; he's only taken me down once though, and no permanent scars. Like I said, he doesn't know better.

We have just a few weeks left until it's time for the little lads to be weaned and go to their new homes.  They found their way out of a cleverly disguised hole in the fence this morning; and where does every farm kid love to play?  In the hay shed of course!

The kids are growing and the does are giving more milk accordingly. 

In the photo above, that's Echo's milk on the left in the quart jar, and Vinca's on the right in half gallon jar.  Vinca does have much better production but this is Echo's first year.  She will increase her output as she ages.  That is this morning's milking.  We will not be milking twice a day until the kids are weaned.

The main thing on our minds these days is getting ready for the upcoming Aitkin Farmers Market which begins on May 28th.  There are a lot of things to get done. There is also fencing and garden prep to do, and many, many other spring things.  Keeps us out of trouble I guess - and we never have a hard time falling asleep these days!
I've been working on getting the soap labeled.
That said, I will get back to it.  Be well friends.

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  1. Soap is the one thing that sold very well for us at our market too. We've not participated due to not having the goat's milk. Some day I may put a few back in the pasture. Just not this year or next. Too many big projects and lack for of time to commit.