Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day Sunday

We have survived our first farmers' market. 

Thank you Kori for taking some pictures - I had a camera along and totally forgot!
I can't say really how it went... fine maybe?  I have no experience to compare it to.  It's too soon to tell if this is a good idea for us or not.

The best part really was the people.  Talking to people who are planting their first garden, talking soap, talking goats, saying hello to co-workers and family that stopped by, schmoozing with the other farmers - awesome folks, the lot of them.  The Ole Lake Farm booth was between Righteous Oaks Farm and the Hurd Family Farm and they provided a lot of much needed guidance to us newbies.  

Here on the farm, it's been a rainy week and I am disappointed to admit that the garden STILL is not planted - and not just because of the rain either.  Kevin helped me out a lot today - thank goodness the rain held off -and tomorrow I will definitely get some plants and seeds in the ground.  It will be fine, it always is.

A gardener has to be both patient and an optimist.  We plant a tiny seed and wait months to eat the tomato.  We plant a root and years later get to sit down to a plate of asparagus.  See this lilac?

 If you look closely at the photo you will see one small flower cluster.  Tiny, easy to miss.  I planted this bush TWELVE years ago, and this is the first flower!  There have been circumstances... teenage boy with lawnmower being one... but anyway, this little flower makes me happy.

We sometimes jokingly refer to Ardis and Rollie as "the help", but that is literally the truth.  I have a couple of pictures here of some of Rollie's handiwork:

If you look through the garden gate, you can see Ivory Snow, the hen back in there.  I have the NE bed fenced off with the little Hen Hut installed and two hens are doing some excavating and pest control for me. 

A nice new bed for one of the hay wagons - Rollie even sawed the lumber!

Kevin reports that the wheat is all planted and is up.  He will finish up his planting with corn and some more sunflowers.  More on the grain crops next time (I think).

The little goat kids are just two weeks from weaning time, which also means moving to a new home, and twice a day milking for me.  I had better get more cheese making supplies ordered!
Curious kids are checking out Roye the cat/


Phil is looking a little green... for some reason the ink from his ear tattoos was still smearable. 
And just because I like chickens, I am throwing in this picture of some of my hens enjoying the nice green grass.

A happy weekend to you all.  Whatever your Memorial Day activities are tomorrow, I hope you can take a moment to reflect on why we have this day.  Be well folks.

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