Sunday, October 16, 2016

Another busy week of course, but at least no wandering critters!

News from the coop - I haven't introduced our new rooster - meet Rubio!

Rubio is a replacement for Diego who in August lost his good manners and consequently his head. He was due to retire anyway as I needed to bring in some new blood for my breeding plan..  Rubio is a Buckeye and will bring some good qualities to future generations of "Ole Lake Reds". 

The turkeys are continually entertaining us - now the fellows are doing that poofy thing - trying to impress the one hen I guess.  It's interesting how their heads turn blue when they do that, then when they stop, their normal color returns.
 A couple other pictures:
Ranger, still in bachelor quarters for a couple more weeks

A piggy portrait

Hunting readiness report:  Kevin has been spending a lot of the weekend time out in the woods getting ready for what he thinks is the best time of the year.  The logging roads have been cleared and trails trimmed and the stands ready to be put up next weekend. 

This is the view down the road to Rollie's platform stand, which of course is different than his opening day stand.  A person can't have only one stand!

Until next week, be well everyone

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