Sunday, October 30, 2016

Skunked Again ... or... More Skunk Drama

The wayward skunk post of three weeks ago should have had a "Chapter 1" designation.  Chapter 2 occurred this past Monday.  I was out early and took the dogs to the shop to give them their breakfast.  They usually romp around a bit in the dark and then join me but that morning Mickey didn't show up right away.  I readied the kibble then went to the door to call him.  He came from down the pole barn - and the ODOR came with him... this had to be the most offensive olfactory assault that I have ever endured.  Words cannot describe how truly awful it was.  I had to go outside for unfouled air, leaving the dogs to dine unattended (the dogs must be supervised while in the shop because there are too many things that they can get into - some potentially harmful, others merely disgusting - like the cats' litter boxes - what is it with dogs and cat poo??? Gross!).

So later that evening after dark, while closing up the winter coop I discovered the striped offender trespassing in the coop-yard.  Since Kevin wasn't home, I called Rollie and he came down to our place.  End of the line for that varmint.  I feel kind of bad about it but we just can't have a skunk taking up residence.

Looks guilty doesn't he?  Both of the dogs had to spend Monday night outside but the smell actually went away pretty quickly.  

Speaking of the winter coop, changes there.  A dozen of my older hens have joined the pullets there - they are the keepers -and the rest of the hens and a couple of young roosters have gone to the freezer.  We reluctantly sent the turkeys with them.  It's really been interesting and fun to raise them, but after all, that is why we had them in the first place. They didn't go without a fuss either; Rollie actually had to go on the roof of the coop with a fishing net to catch one of them, while another flew off into the darkness of the back yard.  It was a bit of a hunt in the dark but Rollie was the one to catch than one too.

Four of the keepers.  Some of them look pretty scruffy but that is because they are molting.  They will be beautiful again soon. It's kind of funny how the older birds go to "bed" earlier than the young ones - just like us people!
Hunting season is almost upon us.  I heard Kevin humming the other day - I am pretty sure it was "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...".  And Ranger certainly thinks so.  He and Forest moved in with the does today.

I am pretty certain that  post next week will be about deer hunting - hopefully no Chapter 3 to the Skunk Saga.   Until then, be well friends.

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