Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Second Ice Age

It's been three weeks since I posted here last so I figure it's about time.  My title tonight refers to the condition of our farmyard and the township road that we live on.  I don't think I even posted about the first ice storm we had - have been trying not to post about weather all the time.  I'm giving in though, the ice is terrible; I just had to mention it.  We basically have to shuffle around or risk falling on our butts. 

Pretty typical winter stuff going on here - woodcutting, etc.  I have some photos here from a walk in the woods last Sunday - a beautiful day.  Kevin showed me a huge oak tree he had cut down the day before.  It was dying and the middle was all rotten - a tricky and potentially dangerous tree to drop.  I don't worry about him out in the woods too much - as with firearms and hunting, with woodcutting Kevin is all about safety.

 Hoover came with us and had a good time frolicking around on the logging roads. 

I also got Roye to pose for a photo-op on the hood of "the baby truck". 

I am devoting quite a bit of time each weekend to making soap, making labels, etc.  I am trying to build up an inventory so I (maybe) won't be so crazy busy next summer and (hopefully) will have more time for the garden.  Today one of my tasks was rendering lard.

I don't have any new goat pictures today - maybe next time. There are kids being born already on some area farms but we are not looking for any until April - soon enough.

So that's it for this time.  I probably won't post here again for at least 2 or 3 weeks but don't give up - I'll be back!  Be well friends, and stay upright!

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  1. We need to bet cutting wood too. With my bad back and Hubby working, it's taking forever (or so it seems). Just another bump in the road for us. Looking forward to your next post.