Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcome 2017

It’s happened again – another year gone, a new one begun.  Like most years, 2016 had highs and lows, pain and sadness, excitement and happiness.   Did we learn anything?  I think so.  I hope so.

I was thinking of a recap of  farm related events of the past year for this post, but now in the moment of writing it, I’ve changed my mind.  Not that there aren’t memories to cherish or hard lessons to remember about 2016, there certainly are, but today my mind is more into thinking forward, not back.   So, instead of a “year in review”, you are getting some random notes:

It was about time to get the Christmas tree out of the house.  Kurt and Kori took care of that task on Saturday– first undecorating it, and then shoving it out the window - an annual ritual for the two of them.  By the time they were done with this one, there wasn’t much green left on it!

 The pigs are finally gone- off to the butcher to be turned into delicious cuts of meat.  Their last pasture and shelter are right by the driveway and I must say it gives me a little pang to go by it – it’s kind of a lonely place there now, although the wild critters have been visiting to clean up the grain scraps – birds, deer, and even a squirrel.  You might not think a squirrel is noteworthy, but they are really a rare sight around here.  The cats make them feel unwelcome I guess.

There are plenty of deer around post- hunting season.
This small deer wandered around the farmyard yesterday.

Very close to where the lads are wintering, checking out some sunflower stalks
Out in the goat pens, Vinca is drying herself up -  less milk each day and soon we’ll be done for a few months.  Ranger got his scurs trimmed today – those are the deformed horns that he has.  One of them was touching his head and the other one was just getting too long – easy to catch things on, so we shortened them both up a bit.

 Woodworking is an on-going task in the winter.  
Kevin and Rollie unloading wood and stacking it in the shed this afternoon amidst swirling flakes.  I noticed that they were both wearing blaze orange hats - Kevin said that is so they can find each other! 
 Kevin has also been working on cleaning grain.
The fanning mill - an antique to some people.  A useful tool to us.
The result - wheat to grind into delicious flour

So, that’s about it for today I think (ha, not one word about the weather – this doen't count, right?).  I’ll probably post again in a couple of weeks or so.  Until then, be careful  out there, and be well folks. 

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