Sunday, June 4, 2017

Critter Update, Part I

It's Sunday evening, 9:30 PMish.  My back is sunburned and I am pretty darn tired.  That means this blog is not going to be as complete as I had planned in my head while out digging in the garden this afternoon.  My plan was a complete and detailed account of how each and every farm animal is doing these days.  Hmmm.  Not happening.  Here is what I do have.

Earlier in the week (Monday evening?) we had the most AMAZING rainbow - so vibrant - awesome in the most literal meaning of the word.

The turkeys have finally ventured outdoors but are extremely shy of me.  This photo is the best I could do and it's pretty bad.  They have some very interesting feather patterns so I hope to do better as summer rolls along.

The latest chicks moved out of the bathtub (1 week old now) today and out to the chick room of the Winter Coop (Thank You Kori!).  To make room for them, the 4 week old chicks moved in with the turkeys (despite the dire warnings that turkeys and chicken should not be housed together, we did not have a problem last year so I am going for it!).  AND we have a broody hen.  I moved her back to the Winter Coop too and she is sitting on 10 eggs.  

I thought it was about time to update you on how the pigs are growing.  Kevin reports that they are much friendlier now and allow (and sometimes demand) back scratches.  They tunneled out of their paddock one time this week but followed Kevin back in like Mary's little lambs.  Anyway, when I went out there to take their picture today, they kept crowding the fence so this is all I got.

Anyway, that is it for tonight.  I'll be back next week with some more.  Until til then, be well y'all.

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