Sunday, May 28, 2017

Long Weekend? Doesn't seem like it!

There is so much going on here we are just going all the time.  If I told you all about everything you would get tired of reading and fall asleep!  So, a short recap here.

Loaner goat Mitzi has settled down a bit but continues to voice her general displeasure and dis-contentedness anytime she thinks anyone is out and about to listen.  She has a very loud voice and reminds me very much of Daisy in many ways. I am still working out the best milking positions that will work for both of us but we manage and haven't lost a pail of milk yet (she does kick a little bit).  Vinca retains her Herd Queen crown despite the horn differential. 

The kids are still with us however we have put them up for sale.  They certainly are entertaining and people love to stop in to visit them and the pigs.  For some reason I get more good pictures of Garrus than Violet - it seems like he is posing all the time - wants to be a cover goat I guess!

I have been opening up the coop for the turks every day but they have yet to venture out into the coop-yard.  At night they have taken to snuggling into one of the nests!

The 3-week old chicks are doing just great and there is a new batch of 19 in the bathtub again, hatched yesterday and today.  I am not putting any pictures of them here because they look pretty much just like the last ones - how would you know the difference?

I put in some time clearing the really untidy (okay, disgustingly weedy) garden beds.  I work the beds by hand.  Some people might wonder why I do not use a tiller.  We do have one but it is a big beast and it is a real wrestling match to turn it - these 4 beds are each only about 22 x 22 feet so... I will concede that using the tiller would probably be faster but I do prefer to prep the beds with my tools- broadfork, hoe, and garden fork.  It's good exercise for mind and body and easier on the soil as well.  I have a picture here of what it looked like when I was partly through the worst of the beds.  Later some of the hens came by to help. 

The last of the grain planting is done. Kevin rented a no-till planter from the Aitkin SWCA to plant the spring wheat and he is trying some buckwheat this year. Not sure if the buckwheat will be a cover crop or if he plans to combine it, maybe both, who knows.  All the current thinking is that no-till is the most beneficial for the soil so we are trying a small patch and see how it goes.

We were at the Farmers Market in Aitkin on Saturday.  Thank you everyone who stopped by; there was a good turnout and it was nice to connect with all the farmer friends and customers from last year, and some meet some new vendors.  If you happen to be in Aitkin on Saturdays, stop by and see us! 

So enough for this weekend.  Enjoy and honor the day tomorrow; be well friends.

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