Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Rainy Sunday

Here it is Sunday evening and I have posted nothing on this blog.  That's because there's not too much going on that's new.  I suspect come winter once a month will suffice for farm updates...

Saturday was spent much like last Tuesday...picking beans, canning beans, and miscellaneous chores.  We got some much needed rain in the afternoon, and today it has been raining on and off all day.  And chilly.  I don't believe that we attained 60 degrees.  The house is pretty cool too... I myself have four layers on the top half to be comfortable... really!  It was a good day to work on indoor things and there are always plenty of those to do.  Used the opportunity to put together pancake mix and frybread mix for our upcoming BWCA trip, and the last of the dehydrating is done - pizza sauce this time. 

We also got over to Righteous Oaks Farm to visit Ranger and trim his hooves.  I should have brought the camera along but did not.  He's grown a bit and I was surprised at how long his beard has gotten.  I gave that a trim too since it is a handy place for cockle burrs to accumulate. 

Anyway, do have a couple of photos to share.  This first one is of some very pretty beets.  I ran out of room and did not plant beets this year.  These came from Toni, who brought them to work.  They were Enormous; I have never had such huge beets.  They are an heirloom (Chiogga I am thinking) and very tasty.  I had to cut them up, so they did not look nearly so pretty after they were cooked.  I am sparing you an "after" picture. 


And this is Vinca.  Our does have flower names and I have found that not many people have even heard of Vinca around here.  So, I ordered some seed, and this is what it looks like.  Sort of like an impatient, but not.
Vinca minor, sometimes known as Periwinkle
Berube's Split Rock Vinca

and just for fun... my embroidered version!
So, that's it for this week.  Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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