Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Terrific Tuesday Mid-August Style

So first, since I didn’t get to it on Sunday, I want to let you know how that watermelon came out.
Not so good.  The inside was edible, but the chickens got a pretty large share.  The rest of them will stay put for a while.

Repetitive outdoor tasks offer ample opportunity for what I call “good think time”.  Whether it is running, hoeing, or picking beans, being outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine is so good for the head.  If I start out worried, stressed, or just plain old crabby, it just won’t last long out there.  Maybe Mother Nature should be renamed, Dr. Nature…

So today, the task was picking beans.  I first reflected, of course, upon what an incredibly beautiful day it is.  I took a moment to be truly grateful for my job, which allows me to live here and provides ample vacation days to do what I really want to be doing on an amazingling gorgeous day.  Then I thought that whoever came up with the story “Jack and the Beanstalk” really must have been picking pole beans when he or she came up with it.  I don’t remember just why it was that Jack decided to climb the beanstalk, but I do recall he had been ripped off by somebody who ended up with his cow.  Not the brightest lad, that Jack.  Maybe he was still suffering from a concussion from that spill down the hill with Jill… anyway…

Tempting.... but I recommend some safety gear!

We got some much needed rain on Sunday.  We were away much of the day, taking Carolyn and her furry entourage back home to her little cottage in the suburbs.  On the way home we took advantage of the shopping opportunities in Cambridge to get our BWCA trip supplies.  A couple of hours in Cub and Walmart and we were very ready to get home!  Just a couple more weeks and we’ll be off to spend a week unplugged in the wilderness with two of our favorite people! 
One wonders, just how big can a zucchini plant get? 

Note to self...plant the zucchini further away from the path next year!
 It’s after lunch now, and after I push the PUBLISH button, I will be doing a repetitive indoor task, which is snapping beans followed up by canning them. I will be listening to an audiobook for that... thank you Carolyn!

I was thinking this blog wouldn’t have any critter pictures in it today, but when I went to get the mail, I just happened to have the camera in my pocket and these pesky (albeit graceful, lovely, and not to mention tasty) varmints happened to be crossing the pumpkin patch (casing the joint, no doubt…), so, here you go.

Mama Varmint

Baby Varmint
I hope you all are enjoying this stunning summer day as much as I am.  Have I mentioned what a nice day it is?

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