Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday in the Garden

This post will be short on words (not a bad thing, depending on if you like what I say I guess!) and long on garden pictures.
The corn in the garden has tasseled.   The bees LOVE the pollen and the whole garden is buzzing!

A couple more bees visit a zucchini blossom
I think zucchini plants are quite attractive

as are eggplant plants, but it's disappointing there are no flowers yet
The tomato plot is getting pretty crowded

Sungold Cherry tomato, my favorite cherry-tom
mostly the tomatoes look like this

Abundance!  I have never had sugarsnap peas so tall that I have to reach up to pick them!

And the greenbeans have topped the trellis too.

So, things overall are pretty good.  We just had a little rain shower, which was needed. 

That's about it, time for chores!

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  1. That's a nice picture of the bee in the corn. I disagree with you about the beauty of zucchini plants, probably because the only thing they produce are zucchini.