Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's Getting Close

Hey everyone, you get a Blog from Kevin today.  My favorite time of year is getting real close, less than 2 weeks, so it time to start getting ready for the Great MN Deer Hunt!  Ole Lake Farm started getting ready today with putting up the ladder stands.  This is a job that requires helpers.  Dad and I took a trip across a swamp this morning to put up his stand.  Needless to say, I came back with boots full of water and wet to my waist, and he stayed dry.  It's just not fair.  With the help of friends and hunting partners Mike, his daughter Alexis, Kurt, Kori, Dad and myself, we got the last 3 up without any major issues.  

Kurt surveys his area for opening morning

Kori in her "house"

Then it was time to see if the guns are sighted in.  I'm just saying, if the woods was full of water bottles, they would all be nervous.  Everybody is sighted in and feeling confident.

Next week is the blinds and then on Thursday Nov 6th picking up Kellen and Kent to fill out the opening weekend group.  Till next time be well. 


  1. If you ask me, he starts getting ready for deer hunting season the day after the last season closes!!!

  2. I remember seeing Kori's house above the field last winter, and wondering whether it had a coffee pot. That would be almost as great as if it had deer!

  3. No coffee pot, but I can warm up poptarts with the propane heater. Its pretty good for deer