Saturday, October 25, 2014

Monsters and Goats

We have been having some amazingly beautiful weather this week, and today was no exception.  Perfect conditions for the 4th Annual Cross Lake Monster Dash.  It was my third time participating in this 5k and had a great time! 
 Kori dressed up as Paul Bunyan and came along!

The advantage of another birthday... a new age group and 2nd place

Chicky's new friend, I don't know his name yet...

This afternoon we did a little goat exchange.  Chicky has gone over to Righteous Oaks Farm to keep their little buckling company, and our buck Ranger has come home.

Getting reacquainted with the place
Daisy peeks coyly out of the pasture shelter

Compost, aka Black Gold!

Kevin has been busy with wood cutting activities for most of the day, but I didn't get a whole lot done myself.  I did manage to get out and dig a load of compost out of the bin.  This is the bin that was infested with yellow-jackets last summer, which very effectively kept me out.  They seem to be gone now.  There is a lot of long grass growing in there, along with a lot of great compost.  I'll be screening it to get rid of the roots and then storing it away for use in the late winter & early spring.  It is a major component to my seed starting mix.


  1. Do you have some sort of rocker or shaker box to help screen the compost, or what?

  2. It's a screen of 1/2 inch hardware cloth in a wooden frame fits over the cart. I sort of rub it through with my hands. I'll put some pics here when I get to that stage, but not today. I think Kevin is going to post about deer hunting preparations later on.