Saturday, October 18, 2014


Just a few photos from this beautiful fall day here at Ole Lake Farm.

The Cub and buzz
 saw set up for wood cutting

Kurt, Kevin, and Rollie put in a lot of hours today cutting up firewood into useable sizes

 Just some of natures colors that I enjoyed on my way out to the woods to see how the guys were doing.

Seeds to save for next years pea crop
Here at the house, more applesauce was made, pea seeds harvested, squash cooked up to be frozen, and more corn picked.  We will wrap up the day with fall chicken moving; the flock is going back to warmer quarters at the Winter Coop.

Also today, harvested a supper's worth of brocolli, and was pleased to note a couple of very nice cauliflowers still in the garden.  It's just great that we can still eat fresh food from the garden this late in the season.  And there are still carrots out there too.

So, there you go.  Just an everyday weekend day here on the farm.  Until next time, be well friends!


  1. Replies
    1. Glad that you are safely back on this continent Russ! Lincoln is an old-time variety of peas that Ardis recommended to me. They are a winner and I grow them every year.

    2. Are they yellow, or is that just the way they appear on my computer screen?

    3. I wouldn't say yellow, more a beige or light greeninsh.