Sunday, June 28, 2015

Twister Yoga

It’s not a new kind of yoga, I’m sure people have been doing it for as long as strawberries have been grown.  Left Foot Brown… Right Foot Green … (Right or Left Foot Red is not desirable!) Right Hand Brown… and pick as many berries as you can with the other hand until you cannot hold any more.  I call it One Handed Downward Facing Dog.  I will not subject you to a photo of my back-end it the air, but you get the idea.  My strawberries grow in the southwest border of the garden and because of the fence they can only be accessed from one side.  I have to bend and stretch, lean and crouch.  The result is very worthwhile.

We have had warm weather and plenty of rain and everything is growing quickly. 
The peas are blooming!  Happy Dance!
I think this snake is growing too.... pregnant maybe?
The greenhouse gets very warm (hot) on sunny days and the lettuce was bolting.  Today I picked what I could and pulled the plants.  I then planted these tomatoes, and will see how they do.

The cups are there as labels... they came out of much bigger pots than that.

It’s haying time.  It’s a good thing we don’t need much for our few goats because there were a lot of breakdowns.  It’s a three generation project to put up hay here.  Rollie does the raking (no picture I’m sorry to say) and Kevin, Kurt, and Kori join forces to bale.  I wasn’t needed but will no doubt be helping unload and stack it in the shed later. 

In critter news, last week I mentioned that ForestRanger moved house.  Today they moved again.  They have a new moveable pen, now in two sections that will be moved around what used to be the horse pasture.
Kevin moved the Goat Garage first, then rearranged the fence
A view of the happy fellows from the roof of the Goat Garage

The Winter Coop Yard is occupied by the pigs so I fenced out the front of the coop with some very bright snow fence and the chicks finally get to go outside.
Yep, they are at the ugly dinosaur-looking stage.  They really will be beautiful shiny black birds soon.
Meanwhile, things are pretty much the same in the coop yard.  The pigs eat.  The pigs root.  The pigs nap.

So, that's it I think for this week.  I will wish you all a happy Independence Day in advance.  Be safe out there, and be well.


  1. You have a lot of space there. It looks quiet and peaceful too.

  2. Our township road can get busy at times since it is a shortcut to Mille Lacs Lake, but it's pretty quiet compared to being in town or on a busy highway. I am grateful every day to live here, and really have Ardis and Rollie, Kevin's parents to thank for that.