Sunday, June 7, 2015

What's new at Ole Lake Farm

Another weekend almost gone!  June 7 and I was still planting garden today!  I know things will catch up but it still makes me a little crazy to be so behind. 

While out in the garden yesterday, I was thinking about this post and I was going to call it Baby Birds because not only are there baby chicks in the Winter Coop but remember those beautiful blue eggs I found in a nest in my beloved, but very dead clematis?  Well, yesterday there were tiny baby birds in the nest.  I tried to do my gardening tasks in a non-threatening manner, but of course mamma and papa bird were quite alarmed. 

This morning the nest was askew and empty.  I'm pretty sure I know who the culprit was...
This suspicious character was seen lurking around the scene of the crime

Back to the winter coop, we have in residence 20 Australorp chicks.  I met up with the chicken purveyor in the parking lot of the Aitkin Dairy Queen Thursday evening... it seemed a little like a shady deal except it wasn't.  She was picking up turkey eggs from someone else in the area and it saved me a drive to Carlton.

So, I want to include a couple of pictures of our new pigs too.  We have one barrow and one gilt (that's one boy and one girl for you non-porcine folks).  They are a cross of Red Wattle and Duroc.  He has wattles, she does not, but she does have charming spots.  They have settled in nicely.
The boy pig... see that wattles?

And the girl pig

It's really fun to have pigs again! 

In the goat world, we have one unhappy little wether.  Forest is the only kid left and we moved him in with his dad Ranger last week.  He has been complaining loudly ever since.  Ranger, on the other hand, is much quieter and seems content with the arrangement. 

Thanks for stopping by the blog folks.  We have another thunderstorm closing in (Ah Ha, first mention of weather today!) so I had better get off the computer.  Be Well!


  1. Roye certainly looks well pleased. And the pigs are adorable

  2. Reading your blog almost makes me want to live on a farm. I think I'm better suited visiting an occasional farm, and it all looks so fun! Thanks for sharing these photos and updates!