Sunday, October 11, 2015

Alien Invasion

They're back.... a very unwelcome insect, Asian something or other Beetles.  They are everywhere outside and a few have made their way into the house.  They stink, they bite. I won't say much more about them other than YUCK!

Thursday after work I came home to this:

Rollie working the excavator and Ardis providing an extra pair of eyes and guidance.  The trench from the stove to the house took just a few hours with this handy machine.
Older boy, bigger sandbox, and that's no Tonka Toy but...

When Kevin got home, the waterline was muscled into the trench, and the trench was filled in again.

On Friday, Rollie and his handy friend Kermit (who also was the lender of the excavator) hooked it all up and the house is warm.  Thank you so much fellas!

And now for some critter pictures:
Diego has matured considerably since you've seen him last.

And the pigs have really grown!
Mickey posed for a minute for me with our new star, a gift from A&R which will be moving to the back of my garden shed (so toward the road) soon.

And last, one of the curious cockerels.
It was a beautiful weekend.  I hope you all enjoyed it too, wherever you are.  Until next time, be well.


  1. You got some good pictures. Love that last one, ha ha!

  2. That is an amazing picture of Mickey