Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dog(s) Gone Weekend

I wish I could figure out where the hours go...

We finally have our frost and fall weather.  It's been very nice actually, but brisk at times.  
Spot spends a lot of her time laying in this sunny spot by the garden. 
I'm doing what you would expect this weekend... making more tomato sauce (almost the last), cooking up squash and pumpkins, freezing peppers, etc.  Kevin moved the pigs and goats paddocks as he does most weekends.  The pigs new quarters are located in the pumpkin patch.  I wish I had caught a photo of us moving them... Kevin enclosed them into a triangle of three metal gates and with the help of Kurt and myself, we just shuffled them along. 

Kevin is working on a pretty big project, which is putting in new waterline from the outdoor furnace to the house.  This is actually two lines, one to run the really hot water from the furnace to the house to be circulated around through the rooms, and another to return the cooled water to the furnace to be reheated.  The two lines are encased in a protective foam layer and then plastic.  Step one was to rip up part of the deck and dig down along the basement wall to where this needs to go through.  Step two was making a new hole in the poured concrete wall... pretty hard work!  Kevin decided the hole needed to be the size of a Folgers can, so that is what it is currently plugged with.

The opening in the deck and the new hole... pretty cramped quarters for digging, drilling, and chiseling.
The inside view, plugged by the coffee can.
I think the next step is digging a trench... stay tuned.

The title of this post is referring to a couple of lost dogs.  Here is the abbreviated story:  We woke up in the night either late on Friday or very early on Saturday to barking.  Two dogs were here and were looking for something to eat and seemed to want in the house.  They were very nice hunting dogs and we assumed (incorrectly as it turned out) that they had gotten lost when out hunting on the state land behind us.  We put the word out that we had a couple of found dogs.

These were really nice dogs.  There was just one problem, and a pretty major one.  The young dog just didn't know better and before we knew it got into the chicken pen and injured a hen so badly that Kevin had to put it down.  I reinforced the gate, but this morning he found a weak spot in the fence and I lost three more of my gals, including two of my new pullets.  I know he didn't know better but that doesn't make me feel any better about it.

The story has a happy ending,  for the dogs anyway.  Turns out they belongs to some folks who live about three miles away, but not that far as the crow flies.  They are now back home where they belong.

So, anyway, that was our weekend.  Be well folks, and keep your gates latched tight and fences in good repair.


  1. I sure wish Kevin easy digging as he starts work on the trench. I can't remember, does he have access to equipment to dig across the yard or will he be hand-picking through that hard-pack? That would not be fun. Sorry to hear about the dog getting into your chickens. I remember we lost a dog and some chickens that way when I was a kid.

    1. Hi GR,
      Oh no, no hand picking or digging... Rollie is very well connected and an excavator thing will be coming to do that job.

  2. Sorry you lost some hens. Sounds like your garden year was very successful. We have zero winter squash. We once forgot to close the chicken's pen and a great horned owl got inside - we lost one hen.

    1. Thanks Kristina, it's much more difficult to lose animals this way than when they die of natural causes. I hope you see this reply as I have been trying to post a comment on your blog but I just can't seem to get past the doughnut thing.... Anyway, wanted to say that I love the barnboard signs! I hope you can find some other kind of stencil that works for you. Would ironing on freezer paper work, or is the wood too rough for that to adhere?

      I wish you well, especially with what's going on with the property next door.