Sunday, October 18, 2015

Changing of the guard

This post is dedicated to Javier.  He is gone now, and Diego is the new man-bird of the coop.  

Javier was a Good rooster.  Not because he was a handsome fellow, which he certainly was.  Not just because of his egg fertilizing skills which were considerable.  Not only because of his excellent guard duty skills in the chicken yard.  Javier was a Good rooster because he was not a Bad rooster.

Bad roosters are the ones you cannot turn your back on.  Bad roosters are not welcome here, and do not last long.  

Javier was a Good rooster.  He called the hens with a special cluck when there is something especially toothsome to eat.  He would pick up an item, then it drop in front of a favored hen to gobble up, much as a mother hen does with her chicks.  He was ever vigilant for signs of threats, scanning the sky and ground for anything that might have been a cause for concern.  When he was even the slightest bit suspicious, he sounded a warning, sort of a heads- up alert to the rest of the flock.

It might seem kind of funny to get sentimental about a bird, just one of the flock, but I miss him.  Farewell to a good bird. 

The 11 cockerels that have been residing in the winter coop since the end of may are now in the freezer.  I accompanied them to Wellspring Farm yesterday where they ceased to be chickens and became just chicken.  Last year I was able to drop my birds off and drive away, coming back to pick them up later all neatly plucked and packed in ice.  This year, I was asked to help.  

To be honest, I would have rather spent the day in my dentist's chair than participating in this activity.  But, to use a saying borrowed from friend Leslie, I put on my big girl panties and just did it.  They have a great set-up for this, an outdoor, open air abattoir.  I was quickly shown what to do, and I did it.  And I'm glad it's done.

  The pigs were moved again today, and a pretty good distance.  They are now right up by the shed so an electric heater can be added to their waterer.  The picture here is of Kevin, Kurt, and myself moving them along.  They are inside a triangle made of 2 gates and a fence panel, and it really works well.  They will be with us just a few more weeks.

So, another week gone by.  Until next time, be well you all.

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  1. I don't know if using the word "toothsome" can apply to chickens...they don't have teeth.