Sunday, November 22, 2015

Game Over

My title this week refers to the roulette wheel of weather that is such a big factor in our lives as farmers and gardeners.  Mother Nature always wins of course.

The mud of our driveway is rutted and frozen, all the critters have heaters in their waterers now, with the exception of the chickens,  They keep the Winter Coop pretty comfortable with their own body heat, at least for now.  We've moved the milking stand into the shop where it will stay until Vinca is dried up, sometime in January probably. This evening we had our first measurable snow...  of course I didn't measure it, but an inch or two... it's white out there anyway.

I won't be blogging weekly for a while I think.  Much like last year, there just isn't that much to "show and tell" during the winter. Once or twice a month will suffice.

I do have one last photo of the pigs to share.  We are waiting on the butcher to fit them into his schedule.  They may be gone tomorrow.. it might be next week, it could be a couple of weeks.  Anyway, I had Kori put me in the picture for scale.  Those are pumpkin seeds & skins they are chomping on. 

I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.  If you are traveling, please be safe out there.  And of course, be well.

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