Sunday, November 8, 2015

The hunt begins

Hello everyone, You have Kevin posting tonight.  Debby will be back (after hunting season) to tell you about chickens and such, but is letting me have a turn at the blog.  She says I have to warn folks right away that there are dead deer pictures below.

This opening weekend we had a group of 7 hunters, Rollie, Kurt, Kori, me, Cousin Tim and his son Nick and my friend and coworker Mike.

The Department of Natural Resources tells us that our deer numbers are way down, but they must not have spent any time in the woods at Ole Lake Farm.  Between Saturday and Sunday we have seen over 40 deer.  Every member of the group has seen a minimum of 4.

We have a first time hunter in Nick this year and opening morning he shot his first deer from the stand we call the "Big House".  I think more first deer have been shot out of that stand than any other on the property, including both Kurt and Kori a long time back.  Here is a picture of Nick and his first deer.

Nick's dad Tim is back hunting at Ole Lake Farm for the first time in about 10 years or so.  He kept saying "all I want is for Nick to get a deer, I don't care if I get anything".  Well that is all good to say until an 8 point 175 lb buck walks out; he was pushing Nick out of the way to get to the gun, and here is a picture of Tim with his first BUCK ever! .

Saturday morning I was sitting on a stand watching state land that had been logged off last fall.  After sitting about an hour a deer walked out in front and for the longest time I thought it was a doe because I could not see any antlers, until he wiggled his ears and showed me little spikes.  And here is a picture of my buck.

Today Mike and Kurt filled the two antlerless tags we had, so for the 7 hunters we have 5 deer ready to start cutting up.  Once again we have had a very good opening weekend with some very tasty venison ready for great meals through the winter.  Next weekend my brother Kent and nephew Kellen will be here, so stay tuned for my next week's report

Good night and be well everyone.

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