Sunday, November 1, 2015

November begins

So, here it is after 9:00 Sunday evening and I want to get out a blog, but I'm tired and bed is calling.  Once again, you are getting the condensed version of life at Ole Lake Farm. 

You would think that we would be slowing down a bit now, but not so... not yet.  The sunflowers are still waiting to be harvested (delayed yet again because of an ill-timed rain shower) and I still have a lot do out in the garden.  Wood cutting & hauling is always going on.  Kevin is also getting geared up for Deer Season which begins next Saturday.

I'm pretty happy to have pretty much all of the apples cooked up into sauce; finished that today and hope to get that canned tomorrow evening.  There are still squash and pumpkins to take care of, and out in the garden still some carrots, beets and cabbages. I'm also still eating kale and chard from out there.

The pigs are still with us for a few more weeks, so Kevin and Kurt ground feed today; it gets to be a pretty dusty job.

The hens are hopefully nearing the end of their molt.  The pullets are starting to lay now, thank goodness.

This is one of my older hens, not a pullet, but I just like the picture...
Ranger moved into the main goat area in the pole barn to step up his romance with Echo and Vinca.  Daisy and Forest moved out to the bachelor quarters for a while.  I have dried Daisy up and she is retiring so she will not be dallying with Ranger anymore. 
Daisy and Forest were not thrilled with the move, but they are adjusting

One last thing, non-farm related.  Last weekend was the Cross Lake Monster Dash.  I dressed up as Frost and Kori helped with the make-up.  I had a good time, but ended up with a rather painful calf so no running for me for a couple of weeks.  Anyway, for those of you who like to see me looking silly, here you go:

So I'll hopefully be back next week with a successful hunting report and farm update.  Until then, be well folks.

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