Sunday, April 24, 2016

Keeping busy at Ole Lake Farm

Things really start moving quickly in the spring.  The fields are greening up, little goats, chicks and piglets all grow at amazing speed.

It seems early to be digging in the garden, but that is what I did on Saturday.  I planted a little lettuce and arugula and will see how that goes.  I has happy to pull a few onions (the perennial kind) for my salad, and found that some of the asparagus is up - Yeah!

Meanwhile, the lettuce in the greenhouse is looking good, and the little peppers and  tomatoes are coming along too.  Soon those seedlings will be joined by a couple more flats that I seeded today - broccoli and cauliflower mainly.

We are pleased that all three of the little goat kids have new homes lined up for when they are old enough to wean.  Two of them have their names already too.  They are really playful and like to get outside to run and jump.

Vinca and her two lads - the one closest to Vinca does not have a name yet, but his brother is David.
And this is Stewart!

It's rainy today but that didn't stop Kevin from moving the portable pig palace to a new patch of grass.  He also moved the other portable pasture shelter and paddock that ForestRanger reside in so they have some fresh grass.

You can see the plow job the little pigs did in the foreground.  Pretty impressive earth movers!

The chicks are filling in their feathers and have already outgrown the brooder.  There should be more chicks to put in it next weekend.

Did I miss anything - Oh yes - Hoover the pup is adjusting and I am listening to an audio-book about Dog Psychology... puppies are not my favorite critters, but we are doing alright.  See you next time, thank you for stopping by the blog.  Be well.

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