Sunday, April 17, 2016

Three Amigos

It's been a fairly eventful week here at Ole Lake Farm.

At this time last Sunday we had just one kid, Echo's little lad.  On Monday, the wait was over for Vinca and she gave birth to two strapping bucklings that evening.  All three are doing well.  Today we had the rather odious task of disbudding them but it went well and it's nice to have that nasty business over with for another year. 
That's Echo's Lad on the left, with Vinca's Lad I & Vinca's Lad II.  Vinca keep a close eye on them. 

On Wednesday another four-legged critter joined our family.  Meet Hoover!
He's not so sure about the water yet.

Mickey was happy to demonstrate how to cool down after a walk
Friday was moving day for the piglets.  They were loaded up in the straw-bedded open trailer and took a short ride to their new digs.  You would think they took hay-rides every day as this seemed to cause no distress to them at all.  A couple of them were even trying to get into their food trough which was also in the trailer. 
The piglets are right at home in this grassy pen with the Pig Palace in the background.
With the Chick Room of the Winter Coop vacated and hastily mucked out (it will never smell the same again!), the 14 chicks were evicted from the bathtub and re-settled in their proper home.  They've really grown a lot in a week.

Two weeks ago I reported that Kevin and Rollie had planted a small field of hull-less oats.  We've really had a roller-coaster of weather since then and were starting to think that the crop was lost before it started.  Today the good news is that the hull-less oats is up.  Yesterday, Kevin, Rollie, and Kurt all got very dusty planting the regular oats.  Our grain planter is quite old - antique really- and it helps to have someone ride on the back to keep an eye on things.  Two people are even better.  Team work!
It was a bit dusty...

Thanks for stopping by the blog - I wish you all a good week, and please, be well.

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  1. I always love your updates. Those bucklings are so cute. Love the colors on them.