Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pigs in the Coop; Chicks in the Tub...

Sounds like the title of a children’s book, doesn’t it?  We have had some interesting weather this past week – quite unpleasant really.  Rain, sleet, snow, cold,  (only 9 degrees when I got up yesterday morning) and general nastiness are the reasons why there is still infant bacon in the chick room of the Winter Coop and freshly hatched chicks in our bathtub.  Fortunately, we have a much better forecast for the coming week, so by next weekend, these critters should all be in their proper abodes. 

Unlike goat kids, chicks hatch on a schedule, 21 days after incubation begins.  Of the 36 eggs I put in the incubator, 17 hatched and 14 chicks survived.  That’s not a very good percentage, which I attribute to the high rooster/hen ratio that we have here at the farm.  This of course does not keep a guy from trying and Diego does his best!  I have reloaded the borrowed incubator so will have more chicks in 3 weeks.
While we still have rather dubious feelings about facebook, I cannot deny that it has been useful.  I was excited to acquire a cheese press and some cheese molds this week that I would not have found if we were not in facebookland.  It was a big savings to purchase them used. So, I am almost ready to make some aged cheese…

  •   cheese press and molds                                                            Yep
  •   wine fridge to age the cheese at the proper temperature             Yep
  •    tasty goat's milk                                                                       Not Yet

The missing component will be available in 2 to 3 weeks.  Echo gave birth today to an adorable little buckling.  Like all goat kids, he is beyond cute.

Still waiting...
In other farm news, Ole Lake Farm is now part of Minnesota Grown.  We didn't sign up early enough to be in the printed directory, but folks will find us in the on-line directory.  We get some cool signage and can use the logo on our hand-outs and labels.  

So, that's enough for this week, right?  Stop by next week for another dose of cute.  Be well.


  1. Looking good. Spring will be here this week, they promised!

  2. I kept all my dairy supplies just in case we get dairy goats again. Nothing like cute spring babies to make you smile.