Sunday, June 12, 2016

Getting the garden in... finally!

The garden is coming together sort of piece-meal... getting a little done here and there.  It seems a bit over-whelming at times but once I actually get out there with my hands in the soil, I am in my happy place and it's all fine. 

Earlier this week planted beans.  I just love the look of Jacob's Cattle Beans.  We love the taste of them too!

I've had a few problems with my old nemesis, the cutworm....

The Scene of the Crime
The Perpetrator
The Executioner ... the bugger got what he deserved!!! 
Yesterday we were back to the Farmer's Market.  It was a little slower than the first two weeks.  I enjoy being there and visiting with the people, but the time spent is difficult to reconcile.  We'll see.  Anyway, I am feeling good about how the soap is going.  I'm getting good feedback and return customers so that's encouraging and I made a new batch this morning.

Yesterday we sent Phil off to his new home.  He's a fine youngster and I'm sure he will make a good herd sire for his new family.  David and Stewart will be leaving this week for their new lives too.

So, enough for tonight, I have a few more things to accomplish and am really looking forward to bed!

Sleep well, and be Well friends!


  1. We finally got our garden in too. I have to stock up this year with the devastation of our garden last year. I just hope I have the energy to do it all, ha ha!

  2. Well, we find the energy somewhere right? I am home today and planted some Swiss chard, carrots, radishes, and basil plants - so far. It's 64 degrees, cloudy and threatening rate. Supposedly it's June but... Anyway, the house is cold so I just put the oven on and a ham is going in - that should warm it up! And back out to the garden until it rains.