Sunday, June 26, 2016

Goats and Turkeys and Pigs... and Hay

I'm back for another weekly farm update.  You may recall that my does have been having some problems.  We do not seem to have solved it yet.  After an upturn in appetite and milk output but no weight gain, Vinca is showing symptoms again.  So, back to the vet on Tuesday.  This time, instead of cramming her into a very large travel crate and heaving that up into the trusty old Suburban, we went sans crate in the back of the Outback.  I put down a tarp and some hay, and with Rollie acting as goat wrangler this time, we boosted up up.  She looked out the window and was pretty well behaved. 
Once at the vet's office she did cause a stir in the parking lot as we waited out there for our turn.  One older fellow just really wanted to give her a treat from the stash he keeps in the back of his van... "Sorry, I don't think she would care for any bacon treats today, thanks!"

The only poultry we have ever had is chickens, until now that is.  On Thursday, six Royal Palm poults arrived.  I was surprised at how small they are.. not sure what I was expecting but, anyway, they sure are cute.  They are also quite fearful of me and unlike chicken chicks, they never seem to relax and forget I'm in the room with them.

 We had another storm with a power outage on Saturday late afternoon.  This time the power wasn't out so long thank goodness, but it did give us an excuse to go out to eat!  Today was a beautiful day and Kevin took the opportunity to get some hay down. 
The view from the milking stand with Kevin out cutting hay

The pigs sure are growing.  Kevin moves their little pasture shelter and portable paddock every other day to a new spot out in the field.  There is tall grass out there but they turn it over very quickly.  Today I visited them with a box of soft tomatoes rejected from the local grocery store. 

They are not so big that they aren't still cute!

Until next time, be well folks.


  1. I have gotten a few questions by my non-farming co-workers... poults are baby turkeys!

  2. I've wanted to raise a few turkeys too. I just need more time to build a home for them. Time, ha! We all need that.

  3. What hard work you two have put into the farm and the blog! Wow! If I get the chance, I would love to come out and see your place!