Monday, September 5, 2016

Gobblers on the Roof

I have to admit that I am quite fascinated by these turkeys.  It's been interesting to observe their turkey behavior and I enjoy listening to their turkey music.  I do worry about them though.  Turkeys do what turkeys want to do.  The turkeys want to be on the roof of the Winter Coop.

 They roost up there too.  Even when it rains.

The turkey people and turkey books firmly state that chickens and turkeys must be housed separately.  Chickens apparently carry nasty diseases that are deadly to turkeys.  I hope not, because like I said, turkeys do what turkeys want to do.  The turkeys want to hang out with the chickens.

In other poultry news, the pullets are laying now.  Eleven of the cockerels have been converted from chickens to chicken.  I think there are only two young gents left, and the other eighteen are the pullets.  A pretty good outcome on the chick numbers, and they are nice looking birds. 

The little patch of wheat behind the house has been harvested (thank you Rollie!) so the pigs have taken up residence there.  They are getting pretty big but have more weight to put on before butchering time.

I don't have any photos, but take my word for it, the garden is pretty shaggy these days.  For highlights, we are really enjoying a good crop of cantaloupe this year and have eaten our first butternut & acorn squashes which were mighty tasty.  Hopefully the deer have left us some pumpkins - they did get the sweet corn.

The season is near the end.  As a gardener, I naturally dread the inevitable frost that is inevitable this month but all of us will be so happy when the mosquitoes are gone!

That's it for this evening I think.  Be well folks. 

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