Monday, September 15, 2014

About Sunday

Yesterday was such a full day that I did not get a minute to download pictures and put a little blog out here.  Kori came for the afternoon and stayed for pizza and a movie in the evening... awesome to have her here!  I tasked her with helping to remove cockle-burrs from the horses manes and tails. We didn't get them all out, but made significant progress anyway.

Kevin and Kurt were away at a scout event all day on Saturday, so Kevin especially had much to do on Sunday.  He hauled manure out to the field ALL day.  First from the Winter Coop, then from the composted pile in the field of goat poo and bedding, and last the large pile of composted horse poo that just looks like dirt now.  The field south of the horse pasture was the recipient of this goodness.
Three antiques throwing crap around the field!

As for me, I canned and froze some of the tomato sauce made the day before.  Why both?  Well, freezing is easier, but it is handy to have some jars on hand of sauce ready to go.  And I always save a jar for next summer's county fair.
A close-up of some jars of tomatoey goodness

On the left is a squash purchased from our neighbor (I have a total crop failure in the squash department) and on the right is the new variety of pie pumpkin I planted this year.  I think these pumpkins are kind of pretty.  The flesh is very light in color and is supposed to be very smooth.  I cooked these two up yesterday afternoon, but we have not partaken of them yet.  I will give you a report next time on that.

Also did lots of other things of course, starting with making a batch of mozzarella from our awesome goat's milk, and ending with using it at suppertime on that pizza. The goats are still milking at an adequate level, enough to keep us in milk, yogurt for me, and cheese now and then. 

Here are a few random photos from yesterday.
The hens are getting lots of treats these days.  In this photo they are feasting on an under-ripe melon, an over-ripe cucumber, and some ears of sweet corn that got overlooked.  Hen Heaven!

Treats for the goats too... they love anything in the cabbage family, so I have been pulling brocolli plants for them.

Or course Huck had to check that out, but in the end, didn't care for what was offered.

Fall is all about change isn't it?  This is the last view from the milking stand as it is now back in the shop where it is warm.  The field is now brown, but the trees back there are still pretty green.

The combined efforts of Kevin, Rollie, and Kurt have resulted in a completed fence around the garden.  I love it!

Ardis painted this sign for us last spring.  I think it's a good place for it.

See you next weekend!

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