Sunday, September 7, 2014

Back from Boundary Waters

We are home from another excellent vacation to BWCA.  This year's trip will always be special for us because we got to share this beautiful place with Russ and Margaret.  It will also be memorable for me because of three other things... bears, hares, and mushrooms.  I will follow up with a few pictures, but do not have any of the bears and hares.  I had a very brief encounter with a baby bear who very quickly ran off with his mama.  The hares were the first we have seen up there, kind of pretty in their brown coats with dark accents.  One of them was eating a very large mushroom... never would have thought they would eat those...  There were mushrooms all over the place up there, many, many different sizes and colors from pinhead to dinner plate size.  Some of them looked quite delicious, and probably are, but of course we did not indulge in that risky culinary treat.
Heading out... is it still a selfie if there are 4 people in the picture? (photo by Margaret!)
Russ and Margaret on their first BWCA trip together!

Just one of the many fascinating types of mushrooms
Smooth Paddlers
Russ on a portage
Another beautiful sunset in paradise! (photo by Russ)
We arrived home on Saturday just in time for Kevin to join Rollie and Kurt in the field baling up the oat straw.

a bin full of oats waited when we got home
Baling up the straw
Words cannot express our gratitude for the folks who took care of things here at home for us.  Ardis, Rollie, and Kurt.... you rock, and we thank you so much!

Back at home, we haven't had frost, thank goodness!

there are a few apples on the tree

Yeah!  The does came home from goat camp today!  Thank you Hurd family!

Geese glean from the oat field

And I pick a few tomatoes


  1. I will also add that the rain wasn't bad and the mosquitoes are much worse here at home than they were in the BWCA!!!

  2. Gee, it's too bad you haven't shared any photos of you and Kevin up North. Thanks again for every little thing - it was a great trip! (P.S. If that's a few tomatoes, what does a lot of tomatoes look like?)

  3. About the photos, I probably will add more next weekend. I was having quite a time downloading to the blog and someone else was waiting to use the computer (we share ya know).