Saturday, September 20, 2014

September Saturday

At 3:45 I must say it's been a darn nice day here... Sunny on and off, windy though.  Sun is off at the moment and there are ominous storm warnings coming from NOAA. 

I will put out a quick update here, then more things to take care of.  Started the day in town with a run with a friend, visit to the farmers market, and errands.  It's always great to visit the friendly folks at the farmers market, although I didn't find the two things I had hoped for:  honey and paste-type tomatoes, like Romas.  I have plenty of tomatoes, in fact will be cooking up some more sauce tomorrow, but would like to make some salsa for canning and the less juicy varieties work much better.  I lost mine at the seedling stage, blame my forgetfulness on that one.

Anyway, have tomatoes ripening in the garage, and picked a bunch more today.  Here they are in various stages of ripening, with a few little eggplant thrown in.

The goats are producing about a quart and a half of milk per milking, so still a fair amount of milk for us.  I made cheese twice this week.  The batch from earlier in the week was supposed to be mozzarella but ended up being something else.  It looks and tastes like mozzarella, but the texture is more like Velveeta (but made with actual milk and without the chemicals).  I am eating it on salad mostly.  No way to reproduce it on purpose I am afraid, as I don't know exactly what I did wrong!

Speaking of salad, look at these great greens I picked today!  If you look closely you can find leaf lettuce, Swiss chard, kale, and arugula.  Yum!!!

Kurt picked the dried pods of the Jacob's Cattle Beans today.  I will post a picture when we get them shelled as they are so pretty.  There aren't a lot of them as they didn't germinate well (old seed), but perhaps there will be enough to replant next year and a few to cook up.

So, enough for today.  Almost chore time!


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