Saturday, September 13, 2014

Jack has arrived

For some folks, the change of the seasons from summer to autumn is marked by Labor Day, for others, the first day of school.  Some people exclaim over the first red or yellow maple leaf they see, or just go by what the calendar says.  For me, it’s the first frost.

The published average first frost date for our location is September 23 or 24, depending on what source you check.  That seems a little off (late) by my experience.  Checking my garden book, here is what I have recorded:  2011 September 5 (Labor Day), 2012 September 13, 2013 September 13, and this year it was September 12.  So, we have been pretty consistent lately anyway.  

Frost does not bring the end of gardening activity of course.  It's really just a signal to step things up a bit.  I made a batch of tomato sauce today, and will be canning some and freezing some of it.  There are still some tomatoes undercover out in the garden to take care of, and more in the garage.  
As you can see, the basil is toast, but the oregano and rosemary in the foreground are fine, so I can dry some more of those.

These are some pie pumpkins that I picked today.  The pale one is a new (to me) variety called Winter Luxury, which I planted by accident in the garden instead of out where I intended.  Good thing though as there aren't many survivors of the cucurbit family out there.  The smaller pumpkins appear to be Small Sugar, also a pie pumpkin, which I don't actually remember planting at all but I'll take them.  Some of my onions are drying on the deck in the background.
Remember these little guys?
That was three months ago.  Here they are today:
Coming soon to a freezer near you...

These girls will be joining the laying flock soon
I started cleaning out their winter quarters today.  The flock will be moving house shortly.
 And here is what Rollie and Kurt have been up to this week:

They've been pulling up an old fenceline.  This barbwire was partly in the ground and in the brush and weeds.  Pretty hard work!

Plenty to do around here as usual.  And as usual, not all of it got done today.  Thank goodness there is always tomorrow! Until next time, be well friends!

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