Sunday, May 10, 2015

Enjoying Spring and Pie!

First off, if you are a mom, I will wish you a Happy and Healthy Mother's Day!

We got some much needed rain this week and things are really growing in the fields and woods, and in the garden too... mostly weeds but that is nature for you.  The deer, which were everywhere just a week or so ago, have all but disappeared.  We think they must be deeper in the woods having their fawns.  Good place for them; I wish they would just stay there!

The oats is up.  Here are a couple of views from my milking stand out toward the field.

Monday evening
Saturday afternoon; it's subtle but you can see the green on the field out there
And, for fun, some pictures of the goat kids:
Lily has a snack
Bluebell's mugshot
and Forest's too

and this is Orchid

Today some very rainy weather was predicted so we  bumped up our traditional Mother's Day wagon-ride through the woods and picnic up to last evening instead.  It is also Kurt's birthday today, so we celebrated both events yesterday, and will be having a nice indoor dinner at the North House today as well.  The North House  is Ardis and Rollie's house (sounds like a good name for a restaurant though) and besides Kevin and I, Kurt and Kori, Kevin's sister Lori is here and my sister Carolyn too.
A sweet little violet from the field where we had our picnic yesterday.

Kurt requested Rhubarb Pie for his birthday treat instead of cake.  I must say, I'm pretty pleased with how the crust came out... it's half lard and half butter, 2/3 white flour and 1/3 whole wheat.
Strawberry Rhubarb and Pumpkin Pies... yum!

Until next time folks, be well.

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