Saturday, May 16, 2015

Welcome Echo and Asparagas

It's been a rainy, cold week in our part of Minnesota.  I don't know how much rain we've gotten, but enough that we can stop shaking our heads and lamenting how dry it is out there. 

This morning we picked up our new yearling doe Echo.  We put her in the little pen in the shed that is adjacent to the main living quarters of the does and kids.  There is a small door for the kids to come and go through which allows them to go over there for a little time away from the does; it is also where they sleep these days.  We thought that would be a good way for Echo to get acquainted with Daisy, Vinca, and Chicky.  Apparently she didn't agree as it didn't take long before she managed to crawl/wiggle through that little kid door and join the main crowd.

Echo on the left, Vinca to the right.  Check out the body language on Vinca!  She doesn't need to head-butt Echo to let her know who the herd-queen is!  Looking at this photo, seems like Echo is a pretty good name too!
Out in the garden, the asparagus has finally come up.  This is a fairly new planting so I won't dare pick much, maybe one meal. The strawberries are blooming too.  Thank goodness it wasn't rainy again today (just a few sprinkles here and there) so I could spend some time digging one of the four square beds.  Each of the beds is about 22 x 22 feet.  When I put in these permanent beds, it was pointed out to me that it is not practical to use the tiller for such a small space.  We have a pretty good sized rear-tine tiller and it is a great tool but for this garden I prefer to hand dig anyway.  No noise, no fumes, no wrestling match.  Just me with my fork and hoe, the earthy scent of the soil (that's my kind of aromatherapy!), and the clucking of the near-by hens.  Yes, it takes some time and muscle, but that's ok; it suits me. 

Asparagus is up at last!  Happy dance!!!
***Attention locals:  next weekend there will be a garage sale down at the North House.  Ardis will have all kinds of treasures there for lucky buyers so you will want to stop in.  I might send a few bars of our home-made goat's milk soap to put out; we are pleased with how it turned out and plan to make more.  I may have a few spare cherry tomato plants too.***

*** the message above is brought to you by the Shameless Commerce Division of Ole Lake Farm

And, just because she's cute, I'm throwing in a picture of Lily. Although she is for sale, she won't be at the garage sale!
And for today, that is all I have to share.  I'm heading back out to the garden, then chores.  Until next time, be well folks.

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