Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

So, Sunday night, and I have a few minutes to jot down some things.  Seems like I have a lot of observations but not so many pictures, which (I think) is what folks come here to see.

I am going to ramble a bit. 

I took Friday off work to do garden prep and spend some quality time out in the soil.  Mostly digging.  The day was glorious but the expected peacefulness was marred by the massive tractors with their attachments & sloshing tanks of nastiness that were roaring around the field across the road.  Not our kind of farming.  Anyway, I dug and weeded, raked etc. and got my first sunburn of the year.  I found a few nasty grubs/cutworms and they were tossed unceremoniously to the chickens (well, sometimes there is a little ceremony; hens do like a little drama in their lives).  Earlier in the week we got the potatoes planted and on Saturday Kevin and Rollie did our big planting of Jubilee corn that is mainly for freezing.  Most of the planting will be next weekend. 

Even though we had fair bit of rain the previous week; it seemed to be getting pretty dry again.  There was a lot of dust blowing in from the road and from the field across the road. We planted wheat on Saturday, and that field was pretty dry too. Now, Sunday night, we are getting some rain again, and it is welcome.

Mosquitoes are back to plague us again.  We do have a good population of swallows nesting in the shed which can get messy but I am glad they are around to eat some of the bugs.

I saw my first fawn of the season on Saturday.  I am amazed every year at how tiny they are. 

We don't have any hives of bees here this year, so far anyway.  We've heard the bee man has had some health things going on, so we don't know if there will be hives brought out.  There are bees however; Kori got this great picture of one (of many) in the apple tree.

Speaking of the apple tree, I was worried about those blossoms this week as we had freezing temps two nights.  It seems to be fine however.

And, I will close this post with a picture of Ranger staked out on the lawn.  He enjoys getting out and really likes that long grass in the background. 
I wish you all a good Memorial Day.  Enjoy the day, and take time to remember what the day is about.  Thank you to all who have served.  Be well folks.

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