Saturday, May 30, 2015

Thursday night adventures...

I have a story for you.

There are many reasons why a person might choose to have goats in their lives.  Some folks might have them for pets or companions for other animals.  They can be usefully employed clearing brush and weeds.  I am told they are tasty to eat.  We have goats because we want the milk. 

Kids are born., milk is produced. Kids are cute and oh so entertaining.  Kids must be sold, or in short order the farm would be overwhelmed with goats. 

The process of selling goats or anything really, does not come naturally to me.  I am just not a salesperson.  This necessary task is just something I want to get over with as quickly as possible; kind of like my annual dental exam.  The upside though, is you get to meet some pretty interesting people.  This is the story of Goats In a Jeep, subtitled Chicky’s Midnight Ride (it wasn’t nearly midnight but that just sounds better than Chicky’s Late Night Ride, don’t you think?).

So, an email response to our Craigslist ad was in our inbox before 6:00 on Thursday evening, but we didn’t see it until after 7:30.  In brief, a couple was out on a goat-buying road trip (how many people could say that?) and could they come over and see our yearling doe (Chicky)?  They could be here around 9:30… Hmm, a normal weeknight usually sees me in my pj's, if not already in bed at 9:30… What the heck… OK, come on over. 

There were some misadventures created by their GPS app (sometimes I think these things have a malicious mind of their own) and it was after 10:00 (I think) when we met Keith and Kristen, two of the nicest people I have ever come across.  We visit the goat pen, Chicky meets with their approval, and then Bluebell worked her charm on Kristen.  “I want this one too” (I’m thinking, could she be a long lost sister of mine, because that is just what I would say!) Keith is such an agreeable fellow; “Sure, we can take her too”.  Ah, but is there room in the Jeep? 

We four people and two goats headed back outside to where their vehicle is parked and the scene that followed really was quite hilarious.  We hadn’t noticed when they arrived that they were definitely not alone.   The vehicle was an SUV type where there is cargo space behind the back seat.  I thought there might be a crate or two back there, but no, just bedding on the floor and three (I think it was three) adorable boer kids occupying the space.  Another kid, a very small one was tucked in there somewhere too.  So, in went Bluebell.  The back seat was filled partially by a small child who was obliviously snoozing, and a quantity of bags of feed.  So, where was Chicky going to ride?

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  Thanks for sharing Kristen and Keith, and good luck to you!
Kristen pulled over to take this picture... I guess it was past Keith's bedtime too!
It's back out to the garden for me.  I hope to give you a garden update soon, maybe tomorrow.  Until then, be well friends!


  1. Send those folks my way! ha ha! I need a few sold soon. Cute photo!

  2. Would anybody like our autograph? CRAZIEST night ever and too funny not to document with a photo! We SCREAMED redneck po hunks, yet you let your 4-legged girls leave with us! My 9 year old will be showing Bluebell(who she affectionately calls "Elf" because of those ears!) in the county fair! Kylyn has her work cut out for her as Bluebell does NOT like to be led around yet. We love them both! Thank you!