Sunday, July 3, 2016

Independence Day Eve

I looked at what I blogged at this time last year... we had eaten some sugar snap peas and the potatoes were blooming.... not even close to that this year! Well, every year is different right?

This week, the hay that Kevin was cutting last Sunday got baled up.  This morning while we were unloading the last of it in the hayshed, we were entertained by a doe and her two fawns out in the field.  Kevin had said that he had scared up four fawns while he was cutting the hay.  Maybe these were a couple of those, who knows.  Anyway, they just kept running and playing for a long, long time.  Funny how baby animals are.

One of Kevin's projects today was to move ForestRanger's little hut and paddock to fresh pasture.  We put them into temporary quarters in the Winter Coop yard where the weeds are so big they are getting a little scary . ..  We've decided to leave the lads in there for a couple of days since they were chowing down on the weeds, maybe they can knock them back a bit so the young birds that are housed there won't need a GPS to find their way back to the coop.
Eat fellas!

Back to the garden, the clematis on the gate trellis is just a baby but it is blooming for the very first time.  It was a Christmas gift from Kori - so thoughtful of her to help me replace the one that died there.

Here is a view of the main garden from the roof of the Summer Coop.  The light green beyond the fence is the hull-less oats that is all headed out.  On the other side of the driveway you can see some rather weedy sweet corn and the potatoes.  So, though I call it the main garden, it is really pretty small, comparatively speaking.


I will close by wishing you all a safe holiday.  Be well friends.

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