Sunday, July 24, 2016

Enough with the Storms!

Like last week, I will open this post with comments about the weather.  We were not even done drying out from "The Deluge" when we had another nasty storm. This was a big one, very wide-spread and very windy.  With the ground already saturated many, many trees went down.  At our place we suffered little damage compared to some folks.  We were without power however from about 2AM on Thursday to about 7PM that evening.  It was long enough that I was worrying about the freezer and getting enough water for the animals if it should continue.  Kevin was off to camp but Rollie helped me get water from down the road.  It didn't help matters that it was hot - in the 90's, for most of the week.

I think I wrote last week about Kevin moving the pigs to the two coop-yards and splitting them up into two groups of three.  It turned out to be spa week for the pigs, as I ran water for them to make wallows to keep cool in, which they wouldn't have had out in the field.  They haven't completed their work of plowing the the two coop-yards yet, so they will probably stay where they are for another week.
In the Winter Coop yard, the girl pigs helped me out with the hose

And over in the Summer Coop yard, they guys just enjoyed themselves
Not sure what sort of bird this is but it wanted to hang around while I ran the hose so I took his picture
This afternoon the does got long-overdue pedicures and we put them in a paddock with a portable shelter for the afternoon - sort of like day camp.  There is lots of long grass there, just the kind of thing goats like - you would think they would have been delighted.  Well, they most definitely were not.  Vinca  made her feelings known whenever she could see one of us, calling out in a loud strident voice.  Echo echoed her now and then and they were both very happy to return to their regular quarters at milking time.
The malcontents
We sure are eating well these days!  Today I picked the first shell peas and dug up some new potatoes.  I cooked up one of Kevin's favorite meals - creamed peas and new potatoes.  I have really been enjoying my salads - this one is lettuce, Swiss chard, radishes, onions, basil, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas and goat cheese - all home grown - yum!

Still on the cutting mat -  my food stylist didn't stop in today!
I didn't get an updated photo of the little turkeys after all - hopefully next week.  Until then, be well all, and good night.

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